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Unpaid Back Taxes

Do you owe back taxes to the IRS? Regardless of your specific tax issue or circumstance, do not ignore letters or collection efforts from the IRS or the state. The IRS will pursue those owing back taxes, and do so on an aggressive timetable. Ignore official letters or collection efforts and eventually your life can be very stressful. Why? When you choose to ignore the IRS, you risk wage garnishments, seizures of bank accounts, levies, tax liens, and more.

Tax issues can become a serious problem indeed, but there's a convenient way for you to get the tax relief assistance you need so that you can stop, prevent, or even reverse IRS actions.

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Know Your Legal Rights and Options

The internal revenue service (IRS) has relatively great latitude when it comes to pursuing and enforcing those who owe back tax. Because it is tax law and complex tax code that governs IRS actions, it's vital to have an experienced tax lawyer-attorney, on your side who understands tax code and the legal rights and remedies available to you.

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Back Taxes - Up Front

When taxes are late, regardless of how late, they're referred to as "Back Taxes Owed". While back taxes usually apply to the previous tax year, they're harmful - at any level of delinquency - to your peace of mind and, possibly, your bank account. The longer you wait to deal with back taxes owed and IRS enforcement or collection notices, the worse things become: The fact is, the IRS will aggressively pursue you for taxes owed, whether taxes are a year overdue, two years overdue, or even longer.

Being late on taxes could subject you to any one of the IRS actions:

  • Tax liens placed on your property
  • Penalty fees, interest added to late payments
  • Wage garnishment, Wage Levy
  • Bank account levies
  • Confiscation of Social Security payments
  • Procuring of Accounts Receivable
  • Acquisition of Insurance Earnings
  • Seizing of Real Property including personal residences
  • Regardless of your situation, time is always of the essence in matters related to the IRS. Perhaps the most threatening of all IRS forms received, is the "Notice of Intent to Levy."

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"Notice of Intent to Levy."

Those receiving such a notice should respond quickly. Federal law requires that notices be delivered 30-days prior to the IRS levying or confiscating personal property, including homes. Another reason why it's best to seek professional tax relief and to do so without hesitation. Thirty days is a short window and the IRS will move forward against you. Prepare yourself by getting the proper legal expertise and representation.

The sad fact is that many taxpayers have little or no idea as to what their legal rights are when it comes to back taxes or other IRS tax issues.

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Back Tax Help

When you neglect to pay back taxes owed, interest and penalty fees can accrue. For example, late-filing incurs a 5% interest fee, so it's wise to not let that occur. Many who owe back taxes cross their fingers and hope the issue never catches up with them, but the fact is, the IRS does pursue these cases and people who hope the matter goes away and delay taking action are the ones who are hit the hardest by the IRS with wage garnishments, tax liens, tax levies, and more.

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BBB-A-Rated tax relief professionals can work on your behalf so you can settle with the IRS or reach the most favorable outcome to find relief and peace of mind.

Tax relief attorneys, tax specialists, or ex-IRS agents can assist with any of the following:

  • IRS negotiation to seek reasonable collection options and installment agreements
  • Reaching offers in compromise including tax debt for less than amounts owed.
  • Innocent spouse relief

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