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IRS Collection Letters

Adhering to a set of protocols is where the IRS taxpayer-contact process begins. It's where the pursuit of taxpayers who've fallen behind begins. Existing protocols and strong tax law help fuel the strong enforcement action against taxpayers, including wage garnishments, bank levies, tax liens and other. Any Notice of Intent to take action should NOT be ignored, as the IRS takes all these matters seriously.

Have you received a tax collection letter or other serious notice from the IRS? If so, Florida Tax Relief can connect you to an experienced tax relief specialist -- professionals who understand the intricacies of IRS tax problems and legal tax rights and remedies that can be applied to help resolve your tax issue.

Have you received an IRS collection notice or letter?

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Get Help for IRS Tax Problems

Remember this important fact. "Tax problems NEVER go away." If not dealt with properly and in a timely manner, they all too often get much worse. Without action or professional help, you'll very likely experience much more stress and penalties than you might imagine.

Get your free tax relief consultation today from a BBB-A-Rated tax relief specialist.

There is a way out. Take action and know your legal rights. If you've received an IRS Collection letter, it is wise to strongly consider getting the professional help and IRS expertise you need and deserve.

Here's an abbreviated list of some typical, common IRS collection letters.

CP 88 - Delinquent Return Refund Hold

An IRS notification stating they will hold your refund and it will be delayed until either your tax return has been filed OR an acceptable explanation is provided why the return was not filed.

CP 90 - Final Notice of Intent to Levy and Notice of Your Right to a Hearing

Taxpayer receives a notice stating a balance-due on their account. The IRS states that they intend to levy on certain assets, unless "appropriate action" takes place within a 30-day period. At taxpayer discretion, a right to hearing may be attended.

CP 91 - Final Notice Before Levy on Social Security Benefits

Similar to above that a balance-due exists. In this notice, the IRS will levy the taxpayer's regular or upcoming social security benefits, effectively reducing the regular benefit until balance-due is satisfied. Appropriate action on the part of the taxpayer within a 30-day period, can stop such action.

CP 501 - Reminder - Balance Due

Notification from the IRS that taxpayer still has a balance-due and if not satisfied, the IRS reserves the right to file a Federal Tax Lien, if the taxpayer fails to submit full balance within 10-days.

Know your legal rights and options. Get your free tax relief consultation today.

CP 503 - IMF 2nd Notice - Balance Due

An immediate action required notice from the IRS, basically stating that the taxpayer has been recently notified of taxes-owed. It goes on to say that no action, response or contact has been made by the taxpayer to the IRS since the original notice. The letter further states that the taxpayer may be eligible to pay via installment agreement or payroll deduction agreement. If the IRS still fails to get a response following CP 503, it alerts the taxpayer that further steps will be taken to collect taxes owed.

CP 2000 - Notice of Proposing Changes to the Taxpayers Return

This letter is sent to the taxpayer when the IRS receives information from the individual's employer which fails to match information provided on the taxpayers return. Using the new employer-supplied information to the IRS, changes to the return will be proposed by the IRS. The taxpayer is told what they may do if they agree or disagree with the proposed changes.

CP 504 - Final Notice - Balance Due

This notification lets the taxpayer know that payment has not been made or received by the IRS and that this is the final notice prior to a levy being applied to specific taxpayer assets (bank account, wage garnishment, etc.)

CP 521 - Balance Due

This relatively straight-forward notice informs a taxpayer that payment is due. It also clearly states that penalties and interest have been applied and will continue to accrue until the balance has been paid in full.

CP 523 - Notice of Intent to Levy - You defaulted on

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