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Thousands of Floridians, like so many Americans, are facing IRS tax liens. And they're worried. Florida Tax Relief Center can help remove that worry; making it easy to get started. Take a moment or two to answer some brief but important questions, and we'll connect you to tax experts - experienced specialists and lawyers serving your city or town who will provide a free tax relief consultation, all at no charge or obligation to you.

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Federal law is the basis of all IRS tax issues and measures of enforcement. Because tax enforcement is essentially a legal process, you need the most experienced and knowledgeable tax relief attorneys at your side...the same level of BBB-A-Rated expertise that's already assisted Florida taxpayers successfully. That's the kind of legal experience you need working for you when you're facing tax liens or other troubling IRS issues and problems. Knowing your legal tax relief options and taking advantage of the best legal remedy available can help you breathe easier.

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Webster's Dictionary defines a tax lien as taxes due, giving the taxing authority a security interest in the property. A lien is in the purest sense a legal claim taken by one person or entity upon the property of another person or entity. It is used to seek payment of a debt or financial obligation. A federal IRS tax lien is a method used by the Internal Revenue Service as a way to enforce its claim against taxpayers for taxes owed, commonly called: back taxes.

Tax liens are filed through country clerks in the Florida county you reside, or conduct business. They're a public record stating a person or entity has an outstanding federal or state tax debt. Having a tax lien can make it difficult to acquire certain consumer goods where credit is involved, i.e., an auto loan.

Liens can also make it hard to sell property, i.e, a home, for however long the lien appears as part of the person or entity's public record.

You can request your free tax relief consultation, including help for matters related to the IRS, by simply using the form link "Begin Online" below.

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Tax Liens - What You Need to Know

In a troubled economy such as those of us here in Florida find ourselves in these days; it's no surprise that many folks are truly struggling. Part of that financial struggle for both families and businesses - from the panhandle to the Keys, small towns to big cities - are tax liens. And people everywhere are looking for effective ways to stop IRS lien (s).

An IRS tax lien should not be taken lightly as it is truly a serious matter, often resulting from an innocent inability to simply pay your taxes. Something, that in a challenged economy, both state and nationwide, is for many not so simple. The time to stop the IRS Lien is before it gets too far along.

Clearly, it is important to address a tax lien sooner rather than later. To add insult to injury for those affected by financial obligations and tax debt in general, an IRS federal tax lien can be so harmful to a person that their entire life can be impacted. Failing to pay or being delinquent in the payment of IRS taxes, including but not limited to: income tax, gift tax, or estate tax - can put all personal property of the taxpayer at risk.

Exactly, what types of property can a lien impact or affect?

Think of your most important assets, such as your house, car or boat. Own a business? Even your account receivables are vulnerable to IRS lien or seizure. Property acquired after a lien is filed, is also subject to a lien. In other words, if you own it, the IRS can legally place on lien on it if you ignore IRS collection letters or notices.

How quickly can this happen? To STOP AN IRS LIEN from going into effect, the taxpayer is mandated to pay the tax within ten (10) days of the written notice and demand from the IRS. Fail to pay within this time frame, and the lien becomes "active" and "retroactive", including the ten-day period. It is important to understand that the IRS means business and these enforcement measures and notices to take action are not "bluffs" or "idle threats" but advance notices of what truly will occur if these notices are ignored.

If you are concerned about a lien, levy, or garnishment, get help in working to resolve your matter with the IRS. To request assistance, begin by answering a few basic questions about your situation.

Serious Side Effects for Tax Liens

When a tax lien gets filed, it can affect your finances, including your credit rating. And that can impact a person's ability to get a car loan, home loan, obtain a new credit card, or get approved for a lease - for a rental apartment or other transaction.

Both IRS federal and state tax liens remain in effect until fully paid off, all the while with interest and other fees adding to the collateral damage the lien itself brings with it. Some states and various jurisdictions charge fees for lien filings and lien releases. An IRS lien release can have costs associated with it as well. A qualified tax attorney can advise you if this is the case. When it comes to IRS tax liens, the total amount can and does increase, so it pays to know where to turn to understand your legal rights and options in resolving your tax lien.

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Statute of Limitations

The IRS must file a lien within what's referred to as: The Statue of Limitations. For taxes assessed after November 6, 1990, that limitation term is typically ten (10) years. Failure to file a lien within that ten year period statue of limitations, the lien will be considered "unenforceable" and should release automatically.

Tax Lien Relief

Tax terminology and tax law is by its very nature often intimidating and confusing. Most people don't know a tax levy from a tax lien. Actually a federal tax levy is the actual act of seizing a property. A lien as stated above actually encumbers property to secure a payment of tax.

Regardless of how much any one taxpayer knows or does not know about the lien process, it's crucial that the taxpayer know all his or her legal rights...and get the help necessary prior to being adversely affected. This is the reason so many people facing tax problems, tax liens and other tax related issues, seek the help of a qualified, experienced and specialized tax lawyer or ex-IRS agent who has the expertise to stand by the taxpayers side and face the IRS on their behalf.

To see what tax relief can do for you, simply take a few moments to answer a few basic questions. You'll receive a free and confidential tax relief consultation, and at no obligation to you. It's advice and information that could save considerable time, money, stress and worry.

Tax Liens - Other Problems

A tax lien filed through the county clerk in the county where you reside or do business in becomes public record, a record which states you have an outstanding IRS federal or state tax debt.

Tax liens are painful for several reasons. First, they can seriously impact credit by putting negative credit reporting roadblocks when those with liens attempt to secure new credit or even try to borrow against real estate or other real property or assets. A lien and the public record of that tax lien can make it very hard to secure a car loan or even sell personal property while the lien remains on the the public record.

Discover what BBB-A-Rated tax relief specialists can do for you in helping you resolve your matter with the IRS. So that we may assist you, take a moment to answer a few basic questions. We'll connect you to a your free and confidential tax relief consultation, at no obligation. It pays to know your tax debt relief rights and options!

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