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Innocent Spouse

If you owe back taxes to the IRS, it is important that you be aware of all the tax relief options available to you under the existing IRS tax code. One option is referred to as the "innocent spouse" provision. "Innocent Spouse" is defined as the forgiveness of tax, interest, and penalties for one spouse of a married couple filing jointly, if and when certain conditions are met or facts related to past tax filings, are present.

Regardless of the specific circumstances leading to an Innocent Spouse claim, it's tax relief that's welcome news for taxpayers claiming they were unaware of their spouses mis-reporting of taxes. It's also noteworthy to mention that as of July 2011, the IRS eliminated the two year filing deadline following the initial collection notice.

If you're a spouse who believes your circumstances may qualify you for "innocent spouse" relief, you can get more information and clarification by contacting the IRS through the tax advocate program or Florida Tax Relief can connect you to a BBB-A-Rated tax relief specialist who will provide you with a free tax relief consultation and evaluation at no obligation.

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Filing Jointly / Innocent Spouse Relief

Couples who've filed jointly are individually and jointly responsible for any taxes owed, including all information on a tax return. Under the "Innocent Spouse Relief Provision" and others, a spouse can be entitled to relief from tax liability if the IRS determines there was a deficiency in taxes paid while certain conditions or circumstances were met.

A taxpayer may no longer be responsible for a past return and the tax liability of that return if any one of the following innocent spousal relief conditions are met:

  1. No longer married
  2. Legally separated
  3. Living separately
  4. Spousal Estrangement

Under normal circumstances, the IRS is authorized to seek tax debt, plus penalties and interest, from each spouse individually. Innocent Spouse can change that, freeing one spouse from potential liability and additional cost. If you feel you may be entitled to innocent spouse relief, you can request a free tax debt relief consultation and evaluation.

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Relief by Separation of Liability

The following conditions add further depth to innocent spouse provisions. Known as "Relief by Separation of Liability", this also can extend relief and liability from taxes owed for the year or years cited, and for any additional interest and penalties assessed by the IRS. Conditions and circumstances for consideration are:

  1. Improper, wrongful acts committed by the Guilty Spouse against the Innocent party's Tax Return
  2. Innocent party had no knowledge or way to know tax return information was improper or incorrect
Equitable Relief

For those who do not qualify for "Innocent Spouse Relief" or "Relief by Separation of Liability", it may still be possible to qualify for innocent spouse relief through "Equitable Relief." An example of this could be a spouse who uses money intended for tax payment but allocates the money for something else, and this action takes place without the knowledge of the innocent spouse.

Tax Relief Specialists Can Assist You

IRS tax relief and tax code can be complex. It is important to make sure that you have a strong understanding of all tax relief options, including innocent spouse relief, available to you. A professional tax relief specialist can utilize their expertise and experience in knowing where and when to apply IRS tax relief provisions to help you.

If you're suffering from a tax problem, including large tax debt with penalties and interest, and you believe you may qualify for the innocent spouse provisions listed above, then you owe it to yourself and your loved ones, to take advantage of the tax debt relief options that are available to you under law.

Take a moment to answer a few basic questions regarding your situation, and Florida Tax Relief will connect you to BBB-A-rated tax debt relief specialists serving your area.

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