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Penalty Abatement

IRS Penalties can take their toll on a taxpayer, in terms of financial hardship, stress levels and peace of mind. When a taxpayer gets behind on his or her taxes, penalties and interest can mount, adding significantly to the total amount owed. Ignore IRS letters and demands, and those penalties can continue to climb, creating for many taxpayers a mountain of debt that grows out of control. At the very least it could - without having proper knowledge or tax-relief experience, take you far longer to satisfy those tax debts.

The good news is, if you owe back taxes to the IRS and are struggling for answers on how to best proceed, be assured that you do have legal rights and options provided to you under federal tax laws and tax code -- and experienced BBB-A-Rated team of tax relief specialists and tax attorneys can work on your behalf to help get the IRS off your back so you can get on with your life.

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Do You Qualify for a IRS Penalty Abatement?

If you owe back taxes, it is important to understand that you may well qualify for an IRS penalty abatement. If you're a Florida resident facing IRS problems - including penalty and interest fees, there are effective procedures to reduce and even eliminate penalties.

Florida Tax Relief can connect you to a professional tax-relief attorney serving your area. A professional tax defense firm has the knowledge and expertise to help you understand and take advantage of your legal tax relief rights and options when it comes to tax and penalty abatement.

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The ABC's of Tax Abatement

One of the more common IRS abatement programs is known as "Reasonable Cause", defined by the IRS as: "Tax relief generally granted to the taxpayer who has exercised ordinary business care and prudence in determining their tax obligations; but has been unable to comply with those obligations." In other words, a situation has occurred that is beyond the control of the taxpayer, resulting in that taxpayer either not filing or paying his or her taxes on time.

The IRS - in order to offer abatement - asks that the taxpayer also demonstrate "reasonable steps" to rectify the tax obligation and show proof or records of doing so: Due to circumstances beyond the taxpayers control, a timely tax filing or payment has not occurred.

While the IRS has its own taxpayer advocate system available nationwide, the simple fact is that the IRS responds to clearly thought out logic and facts, and nothing short of building a solid case for tax abatement is likely to lead to a successful outcome. This is a major reason why a tax relief specialist who has a wealth of experience in tax abatement issues should be strongly considered.

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Let Florida Tax Relief connect you to a qualified tax-relief specialist, an attorney or BBB-A-Rated tax relief specialist serving your area who's proven through years of IRS and tax case experience in helping taxpayers resolve their issues. It's important to do everything you can and have all the best experience on our side to help ensure that you qualify for a tax abatement - reduction of penalties and interest, and in some cases, complete removal of both.

Know your tax relief rights and options. Get a FREE tax-relief consultation today.

Here are common reasons why the IRS may consider requests for a tax abatement:

  • Forgetfulness - provided business care and prudence have been demonstrated or can be proven.
  • Serious illness, death, or unavoidable absence
  • Inability to procure documentation or records
  • Bad, misleading or incorrect tax advice
  • Force Majeure / Acts of God
  • Ignorance of the law providing a reasonable effort to know the law

If you're a Florida resident who's facing IRS demands for back-payments, including mounting fees and penalties and interest that are out of control, and you believe you have a current hardship that the IRS may accept as a reasonable case for tax abatement, you may want to seriously consider getting the expertise of a tax relief professional or attorney who can stand by your side and work through your issue with the IRS on your behalf. This could not only help you save time and money, but stress as well.

Know your tax relief rights and options. Get a FREE tax-relief consultation today.

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