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Tax Appeals

When you owe back taxes to the IRS, your life can become more and more stressful as the situation escalates and you don't have the confidence that you have all the information at hand regarding the tax debt relief options available to you. There is some good news: One option you have as a taxpayer is the right to a tax appeal.

A tax appeal occurs when a decision by the IRS which affects a taxpayer's tax liability is challenged or disputed by the taxpayer. Once a formal tax appeal is filed, the appeal process can move forward towards an equitable resolution. Florida Tax Relief can connect you to tax specialists, tax attorneys and ex-IRS officers, who have the experience and expertise to assist you through a variety of common IRS issues, demands and problems.

If you live in Florida and are in need of tax relief assistance, you can get started now by requesting a free tax relief consultation and evaluation:

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Tax Appeals Defined

There are several different types of appeals the IRS offers taxpayers.

  • Collection Appeal Request - This type of appeal applies when the taxpayer and an IRS collection officer disagree on any of a number of collection measures or enforcement actions the IRS is implementing against the taxpayer, including: levy, lien, seizure, denial or even termination of a taxpayer installment agreement.
  • Request for Due Process Collection Hearing - This is considered an all purpose appeal, and usually takes effect after the IRS has already filed a lien or is set to issue a levy. The taxpayer in these situation may seek a less aggressive, alternative IRS action including: Offer in Compromise, Payment Plan, Innocent Spouse Relief, and other less intrusive forms of reaching an amenable IRS solution. Prior to any filing of this request, there are specific IRS notices and requirements that must be sent or met.
  • Application for Taxpayer Assistance Order - This is used as a "final measure" when all other means to resolve an IRS issue have been exhausted. This appeal is handled internally at the IRS by the agency's Taxpayer Advocate Service.

In addition to tax relief processes offered through the IRS tax advocate service, Florida Tax Relief can also connect you to professional independent tax relief specialists who have the experience and expertise to review your tax debt circumstances and work on your behalf to reach a resolution with the IRS. This can, not only help to remove stress, but possibly save you thousands of dollars as well.

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Your Legal Rights and Options

If you have tax debt and are in need of relief, there is some good news: There are a variety of tax debt relief options available to you. However, Federal Tax code can be complicated and quite confusing. Many Floridians - those who decide to go it alone with the IRS, without a strong understanding of tax code and tax relief provisions - may run into a variety of pitfalls. This can lead to additional tax liability, fees, penalties, and other IRS action that may be able to be avoided if you have professional tax relief specialists working on your behalf -- tax attorneys and/or ex-IRS agents who can assist you and help you arrive at the best possible resolution with the IRS. This is not to say that the IRS' own taxpayer advocate service can't assist you in getting to a favorable solution. However, we believe it is also important to strongly consider taking advantage of the knowledge and expertise of BBB-A-Rated tax relief specialist who may be able to help remove tax stress and coordinate a successful resolution you, and the IRS, can live with.

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Not being aware of the full scope of the tax relief options available to you as a taxpayer could put you at a disadvantage and lead to higher liability, loss of time, and considerable stress.

IRS tax issues are settled on existing federal law which is why it's vital each Florida taxpayer facing or about to face IRS issues and demands, have a strong understanding of the tax relief options available to them under federal tax code, or take advantage of the experience and expertise of BBB-A-Rated tax relief specialist who do.

If you owe back taxes to the IRS and are facing, or worried about, potential IRS collection measures or enforcement action, don't ignore the IRS, contact them immediately and see what relief is available to you, or strongly consider taking advantage of a tax debt relief professional who can take the time to listen to your situation, answer any questions you might have, and help resolve your matter with the IRS in a way that saves time, stress, and money.

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