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Installment Agreement

Thousands of Florida residents currently behind in their taxes and facing IRS collection and enforcement actions may, quite possibly, qualify for an IRS installment agreement. People who - for a variety reasons - fail to meet their tax obligation by a specific date, can arrange with the IRS for a pay-out of taxes due over a period of time, creating a more affordable and more manageable way of meeting that obligation.

Taxes can be paid, depending on the individual taxpayers' circumstances and tax obligation, over a 5-year period, giving taxpayers who qualify some much needed breathing room. While installment agreements can carry interest and penalties, it is recommended that taxpayers who have a liabilty they cannot currently meet with the IRS take advantage of the expertise of a BBB-A-Rated tax relief specialists who have the knowledge and experience with complex tax code to help secure a favorable arrangement with the IRS. This, can not only help you breathe alot easier but save a considerable amount of money as well.

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Why Get a Tax Relief Specialist on Your Side?

In many instances, taxpayers are not aware of how their personal financial situation, or current hardship, may factor into the IRS' decision when it comes to their installment agreement. Tax relief specialists are attorneys are skilled in both communicating and negotiating with the IRS and they know how and where to apply current tax laws and regulations to assist taxpayers in need of relief.

How to Qualify for and Installment Agreement

For many seeking an installment agreement solution with the IRS, qualification can begin with the simple financial or household income-inability to make a full one-time payment for late taxes due. It should be pointed out however, that if a person after covering his or her overall family living expenses is not able to meet monthly payment requirements of an installment agreement, this option may not be the best fit. The IRS requires the individual to make a regular, monthly payment to the IRS of a set, agreed-to amount. The inability or failure to do so can result in the IRS revoking the agreement.

Taking the Pressure Off With a Workable Plan

Many a taxpayer who has had an IRS installment agreement can attest to the fact that an IRS modified tax-payment plan can alleviate stressful IRS collection actions. However, once you get on an IRS installment agreement, stick with it, stay disciplined, don't fall behind and make regular monthly manageable payments, so you can avoid further IRS action, including Federal Tax Lien's, IRS wage garnishments and bank levys.. If you are on a installment agreement for back taxes, if you do find yourself falling behind or at risk of falling behind, it is recommended that you call the IRS immediately to explain the situation, work out any bumps in the road, and head off any future action by the IRS.

To get a FREE, no-obligation tax-relief consultation. Click on theBEGIN ONLINE tab, answer a few brief but important questions about your tax situation and needs, and Florida Tax Relief will connect you to a tax relief specialist serving your area. Get the level of professional tax relief you deserve. Know your legal tax relief rights and options. Don't take on the IRS without the knowledge and expertise you need. If you're a Florida resident and you've got tax issues, BBB-A-Rated tax defense specialists can help you breathe easier and save money.

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Getting Tax Relief Assistance to Stop or Remove IRA Actions

When dealing with the IRS - wherever you are in the process, it's never too late to ask for professional help. Getting help right up front, when issues and problems become apparent is,without exception, the right time to seek the help of a tax relief specialist. They'll prepare the forms, do the paperwork and ask the "right" questions you need asked, and keep you and your family's best interests in mind.

IRS Installment Plans

If you owe $25,000 or less in non-trust fund taxes, you may qualify for a five-year installment plan. Owe $10,000 or less of income tax and you may be guaranteed an IRS re-payment plan over three years. The IRS allows taxpayers who are not able to pay their back-taxes in-full, up to five years to fulfill an IRS payment plan. Match the criteria for "Installment Agreement" as required by the IRS, provide a detailed financial statement, proof on income and assets, and stay on target, and you'll be tax free and back on track again.

Don't let IRS problems ruin your life. Get the professional help you need and deserve. This could not only make your life less stressful, but save a substantial amount of money as well.

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