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IRS Tax Levy Relief

If you are faced with a bank levy, or worried about a potential bank levy, Florida Tax Relief can help connect you to BBB-A-rated tax relief specialists who can assist you. To help Florida residents who need help with pending or existing bank levies, we've provided a link (below) to assist you in getting you connected to the help you need.

To begin, answer a few basic questions, and we'll connect you to experienced tax relief legal professionals and experts who can provide you with a free tax relief evaluation at no obligation. This will provide you with a review of your legal tax relief rights and options.

Bank Levy Assistance

An IRS bank levy typically occurs when the IRS orders a bank to "seize" funds and then forward those funds to the IRS as payment for back-taxes owed. Before this happens, the IRS normally would've communicated to the taxpayer on several occasions via several notices and letters warning of a pending bank levy. Ignoring a warning from the IRS or simply taking too long to respond to these IRS collection letters, can and does result in IRS action - including the freezing of bank funds, followed by the subsequent removal of those funds.

No matter what your situation is with the IRS or how much you owe in back taxes, penalties or late fees, if you are faced with or worried about a levy, don't ignore the situation. Get help now to hopefully avoid a levy, or if it has already occurred, to remove or release the levy.

Get the tax relief and bank levy assistance you deserve, need, and may be entitled to under the law

Get your free tax debt relief evaluation at no obligation. Begin by answering a few basic questions.

An IRS Levy is a Serious Matter

An IRS Bank levy, pending or already in effect, is nothing to take lightly. If you are in this situation, it is strongly recommended that you get solid advice from a tax lawyer or tax relief professional who has the expertise and experience with complex tax code -- knowledge that can help point you to the best available tax debt relief option.

Tax levies give the federal government the right toseize your property untilyou satisfy your debt or pay your back taxes owed. If you are faced with back taxes owed to the IRS, communicate openly and honestly with the IRS immediately and don't ignore the situation because you could well face a number of IRS enforcement actions including:

  1. Wage Garnishment (wage levy or wage garnishment)
  2. Seizing of Personal and Business Bank Accounts
  3. Taking of Social Security payments
  4. Forfeiture of Accounts Receivables
  5. Acquisition of Earnings from Insurance Payouts
  6. Seizing of Real Property, including Homes

Pay Attention to Notices

Find a "Notice of Intent to Levy" in your mailbox, and as any tax specialist will tell you, "don't ignore it." Don't delay, find a tax specialist to help and respond. For the record and by law, any notice to levy must arrive at least thirty (30) days prior to the levy or seizure of any property. That's the good news. Regardless, however of your exact tax circumstances, do not wait for IRS collection and enforcement action to get more serious. It is strongly recommended that you consider getting tax relief and tax levy assistance from a tax professional as soon as possible.

A free tax relief consultation is available - consultations given free of charge by a tax professional or lawyer. Such consultation can put you on the road to preventing potential wage and bank tax levies.

Know Your Rights

If you have received a "Notice of Intent to Levy" in your mailbox, or delivered "Certified" mail to the front door, or even to your place of business - no matter how or where the bad news arrives, it's always a serious matter, so be proactive and take immediate steps to work towards a solution with the IRS.

Get an IRS levy notice, and you've got thirty (30) days to respond. To request a hearing, fill out and mail Form 12153 (taxpayers are allowed one hearing per calendar year). Keep in mind that 30-days passes by fast and complex IRS related legal matters such as an IRS levy create taxpayer anxiety and uncertainty. Most folks simply don't know how to proceed or what the best course of action is. More reason why it make sense to have a tax professional when you're facing an IRS tax levy. It's simply smart to turn to a tax specialist who can advise you on the proper course of action - in a timely manner - and get you the tax relief you deserve. The IRS also provides a tax advocate program for taxpayers that you can access on website www.irs.gov

If you are faced with or concerned about a pending tax levy, tax lien, wage garnishment or other IRS enforcement action, you can get a free tax relief consultation from a BBB-A-Rated tax relief professional or tax lawyer. To get tax relief assistance, begin by answering a few basic questions and we will help connect you to a tax relief professional.

Tax Experts - Help With the IRS

Fail to know your legal rights...and like thousands of others facing a tax levy, you're walking down a dangerous and costly road. Most taxpayers lack the knowledge of legal avenues available, including: "innocent spouse relief", "installment agreements", "offers in compromise," "financial hardship" or "currently not collectable"

You even have the legal right to challenge your liability for taxes owed as described in the IRS notice received. Proceed with that defensive tact and you'll be entitled to a court hearing to further choose the contesting of any decisions made at the hearing (either in U.S. Tax Court or federal district court). The reality, however, is that it's not advisable to proceed with these challenges and court proceedings...unless the taxpayer has strongly considered the services of an experienced tax specialist or tax attorney who understands how current tax codes and laws can be applied to help in your situation. Such knowledge is typically beyond the scope of the average taxpayer.

When protecting your home, car, bank accounts, wages and other important possessions, it's smart to take the most prudent course of action. Defending yourself without a tax expert working on your behalf is not advisable.

Free Tax Relief Evaluation

Regardless of the specific tax situation you face, IRS levy, tax lien, wage garnishment, or back taxes, it never makes sense to wait for the IRS to take action against you. Collection and enforcement proceedings will move forward if you fail to act decisively. Get the professional, expert help you need to move forward with your life and to protect your most valuable possessions.

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