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Stop or Prevent Wage Garnishment

If you owe the IRS back taxes and your wages are being garnished, or if you are concerned about a possible wage garnishment, there is some good news:

The Tax Relief Center is ready to connect you to experienced BBB-A-Rated tax relief experts who specialize in resolving IRS wage garnishment cases.

Get Your Free Tax Relief Consultation at No Obligation and speak to wage garnishment experts serving Florida residents in need of IRS tax relief.

Need Wage Garnishment Relief?

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Wage garnishment is something most of us - especially in these tough times - can ill afford. Wage garnishment IRS enforcement measures are routinely used against delinquent taxpayers. The garnishment is a demand-enforcement from the IRS sent to employers, ordering the employer to withhold a substantial portion of the employee's regular paycheck. If you're behind on taxes, your wages can be garnished. Wages subject to garnishment remain in place until the back taxes owed are paid in full.

To prevent wage garnishment or to stop or release a wage garnishment, you can seek professional tax relief from specialists who handle IRS taxpayer issues on a daily basis and are well familiar with the tax relief rights and options available to consumers.

If your income or wages are being garnished by the IRS, it's important to get the help you need as soon as possible from tax relief specialists who understand rather complicated tax code and tax relief options.

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IRS Wage Garnishment or Administrative Levy

As the economy continues present challenging times for individuals and families in Florida and elsewhere, it's understandable that so many taxpayers are facing IRS tax issues. When people already have serious problems paying their day-to-day bills, taxes just add another layer of stress to already stretched household budgets.

As hard as it may be to believe that the IRS can routinely place a wage garnishment on those owing back taxes, garnishment is actually one of the most common means used by the IRS to ensure payment for tax debt. Despite the fact that wage garnishment is also used to collect debt for a multitude of other things - from child support to student-loan defaults to un-paid court fines - wage garnishment deployed by the IRS is one of the hardest situations to face.

This is because the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) has been given a privileged "first in line" position -- essentially priority over state and local government garnishments, along with other creditors, including those garnishments attributed to credit card debt.

Know your tax relief rights and options. Get free tax consultation now.

Also known as an "administrative levy", this IRS action is not to be taken lightly as it is a very serious problem - so serious and so bureaucratically routine, that it doesn't even require a court order to take effect, allowing the IRS to seize property, including wages, by serving the following notices:

  1. Send IRS "Notice and Demand for Payment" - a tax assessment served by letter.
  2. Notation that you've failed or refused to pay taxes within the time referenced by the Notice.
  3. Send a "Final Notice of Intent to Levy" and "Notice of Right to a Hearing" (levy notice), both 30-days prior to the actual levy.

If you think that a person owing back-taxes who fails to receive a notice is suddenly free-and-clear of a granishment or levy, think again. Failure to receive or even be aware of a notice or intent to levy, does not absolve the taxpayer of anything. The notice - received or not - is STILL effective. The single and ONLY obligation the federal government has is to serve the FINAL Notice in person...a simple matter of merely leaving the notice at a home's front door or normal place of business. Imagine finding out about the garnishment when the next paycheck at work comes "up short."

The IRS can even mail and deliver to the last known address of the delinquent taxpayer. It doesn't matter if you live there or not -- the final notice has been sent and delivered.

Get relief from wage garnishment, tax lien, or levy. BBB-A-Rated tax experts ready to assist you.

If you owe the IRS back taxes, it is critical to get help BEFORE the IRS moves ahead with enforcement action that may take some time to release or remove!

Get your Free tax relief consultation from tax relief professionals who can prevent wage garnishment from happening or succeed at the removal of existing IRS levies or tax liens.

Tax Garnishments Affect More Than Wages

  1. A garnishment impacts a whole world of things, including your ability to pay other important, quality-of-life things like rent, mortgage, and car payments. When the garnishment comes out, you're affected; your loved ones are affected.
  2. Employers receiving a "must comply"notice from the IRS must do exactly that, comply. They'll be forced to reduce a fixed amount of money from your regular paycheck - even bonuses can be cut or eliminated. The only good news is that even if employer-employee relations are strained by the spectacle of a garnishment, the employer cannot fire the employee for reasons related to the garnishment or administrative levy. Federal law prohibits it.
  3. It's called a ripple effect. As the garnishment goes into effect it begins to take its toll not only on personal finances, but it's just a matter of time before the garnishment shows up on credit reports, negatively and simultaneously impacting credit scores...increasing the likelihood of denial for auto and house loans, new credit cards and even bank accounts.
  4. By knowing your tax relief rights and options and the responsiblities you have as a taxpayer to communicate with the IRS when finances become a problem, you have a better chance of stopping or removing a wage garnishment.
  5. Owe the IRS back taxes? Get relief from IRS wage garnishment, tax lien, or levy. Your Free tax relief consultation starts here: Start Online

    What is the Limit a Wage Garnishment Can Take?

    Wage garnishment limits depend on the state the individual who's being garnishment, resides. It's also affected by whether or not any exemptions have been taken. Florida, for example, allows individuals who contribute at least half of support for child or other dependent, to be exempt from garnishment. This can be subject to a waiver. Laws also allow wage earners in certain states, including Florida, to keep more of their wages, if wage garnishment would result in economic hardship for themselves or their families.

    When Does IRS Wage Garnishment Stop?

    A wage earner's paycheck can be garnished without further IRS action and until such a time that either the back-taxes are fully paid or a wage garnishment levy is "released." It must be noted however, that if deposits are made into a bank account following the date of the garnishment, the IRS is required to take additional action in order to gain access to funds from the taxpayer's bank account.

    If you owe back taxes to the IRS, there is some good news: Regardless of your IRS issue, including wage garnishment, tax liens, bank levies, or more -- the Tax Relief Center can conveniently connect you to BBB-A-Rated professional tax relief specialists who are ready to stand up for your rights, protect your assets, and provide you with much needed tax relief.

    Know your rights and legal tax relief options. Request your free tax relief consultation today.

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